Kaivopuisto – a park with style

Kaivopuisto or “Kaivari” is today one of the most oldest and famous parks of Helsinki. Kaivopuisto is a huge area, several hectares, beside the sea. Rocks, woods and grass for laying down on sunny day. And ofcourse there is restaurants, well known “Kaivohuone” nightclub has allways been a place for those who are and those who wanna be something in Helsinki.

If you are traveling on Helsinki first of May, don`t miss this park! Tens of thousand people gather here for labor day “vappu”. It is a sightseeing not to miss and even better, reserve a bottle (or three) of sparkling and jump in. Everyone here is happily drunk and welcomes you to get along.

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Eira – bit of Paris in Helsinki

Eira has the most exclusive quarters in Helsinki. These jugend-style stone villas has been built early 1900. Narrow lanes and small parks under the old oaks. Houses are usually three store high and they remind how Helsinki would look like if the architectural rape didn`t start at 1960.

Late 1800 Eira area was considered too far away from city center and therefor it was planned for factorys. Luckily that plan did not happen. Today those thoughts really seem redicilous as Eira is major part of south Helsinki. House prices soar up on the same level of best part of Paris.

Tourists can easily attach Eira as part of their sightseeng. Jump on to tram number three heading south from city center.


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Hietaniemi beach

Ok, it is not Barcelona but Helsinki has decent beach right in the city center. On short summer it gets quite packed at day time and in the evening, teenagers invade it for party-party.

In good summer sea water can get to 20 celsius, so swimming in Hietaniemi is always refreshing experience.

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Hietaniemi cemetery

Cemetery can reveal a great deal of country and its history. Hietaniemi cemetary is not an exception. Oldest graves go back for two hundred years and in that time Finland and Helsinki has gone through all kind of political and economic changes.

The area is quite big and it has a different sections for different time, religion, artists, politics etc. The military section is one of the most interesting. Those who died in time of WW2 are burried here. And of course the finnish war hero Carl Gustaf Emil Mannerheim.

Hietaniemi cemetary is also a very beautifull and peacefull place to relax for a while in between collecting your usual tourist sightseens.



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Baana – pedestrian passage through city

Baana is pedestrian and bike passage dividing city few meters down from street level. Baana is former train track to Ruoholahti harbour but now it has been renovated for light traffic usage.

Baana was opened just few weeks ago and citizens and tourist have allready find it – thousands of people use it every day.

Baana`s eastern end is at Music house “Musiikkitalo”. It goes for 1,3 km ending at Ruoholahti. You can bicycle that on five minuts so it`s by far the fastest route through city. You can get up on the street level from many stairs along the way.

It`s not just a run-through. On the Ruoholahti end there is few activities such as ping-pong tables and basketball field.

Baana is very interesting piece of city culture and highly recommended for all tourists in Helsinki.

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